At Trackblaze, we believe that every business can benefit from the likes of better technology and its potential to form campaigns around the audience's needs. And the same belief has inspired us to nurture this multichannel tracking tool that has set the bar high for numerous tracking tools on the web.

As a company, we believe that tracking is not just limited to making yourself aware of the number of people who opened your email. Clearly, this information doesn't tell you where that person stands in the buyer’s journey or why did they actually clicked or where they went from there?

An absence of this information only gives you half the insights you need to craft a marketing strategy that would deliver more than what your competitor's strategy is delivering. Thus, enforcing a precise marketing funnel in a tracking tool, we nurtured Trackblaze to deliver every detailed insight that could lead sales operations from end-to-end.

From location-focused tracking to content-rich reports, Trackblaze doesn't only help you understand a campaign better but helps you understand consumer behaviour which is the mantra of marketing in this rapidly transforming world.

Besides a firm that has tech-savvy researchers and marketers delivering their best, we are also a team that is enjoying popcorn at the nearest theatre on a sunny business day. As a growing firm, we believe in cultural dynamics and offer a creative working environment that drives innovations and thus enhanced marketing solutions for you people out there.

Trackblaze team's culture reflects not only in its products but also the people who spend their days' building and supporting the same. Our marketers and researchers are keen to help the business get the most out of what they spend. Even if it needs us to barge out of the theatre in the middle of an interesting movie.